Thailand’s best-kept underwater secret found in Koh Haa

Discover crystal clear diving sites and whale sharks in Koh Haa

If you arrive at Koh Haa at the right time of the day, you’ll probably be the only boat around for miles — that doesn’t mean you’ll be alone, though. From the eagles soaring silently overhead, to the unperturbed schools of fish hovering near the surface of the water, there’s an unassailable sense of remoteness and tranquillity in Koh Haa.

A total of 12 dives spots surround the islands of Koh Haa, with varying difficulties to accommodate divers of different skill levels. Beginners will enjoy the gently sloping reefs and porcupine pufferfish that populate The Lagoon, an ideal spot for first timers, while those looking for a challenge can take on The Chimney, home to a complex cave system and exotic marine life such as lionfish and octopuses hidden away amongst the crevices.

You may even get the chance to see a rare whale shark in Koh Haa

The unparalleled clarity and visibility that divers can enjoy in Koh Haa’s waters are a testament to how untouched the area is, free from irresponsible tourism and throngs of visitors.

Koh Haa’s remoteness is both a boon and a bane: the nearest source of civilisation is Kantiang Bay. Despite its remoteness, Koh Haa is home to several established dive centres, as well as a luxurious resort and spa, the Pimalai, which offers an array of excursions and exclusive underwater experiences for intrepid adventures looking to head off the beaten track.

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A favourite haunt for A-listers looking to keep a low-profile, Pimalai offers up just over 100 rooms, suites and villas that are spread over 100 acres of pristine land.

Pimalai Resort & Spa is Koh Lanta's first five-star resort, and the perfect base for a luxurious diving adventure
Pimalai Resort & Spa is Koh Lanta’s first five-star resort, and the perfect base for a luxurious diving adventure

But if snorkelling isn’t your thing, Pimalai also organises leisurely boat trips to Koh Haa, with an afternoon filled with canapés, free-flow drinks, and the chance to take a soothing dip in The Lagoon’s cool, clear waters. ◼

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